Myofascial pain medicine

Individually tailored


Are you looking for an alternative treatment for your complaints? Let me have a look at your problem from different angles. Then we can develop a treatment approach individually tailored to your needs! In my practice we offer a selection of different diagnostic and therapeutic options for effective pain therapy.

If possible your first myofascial treatment already takes place within the first visit manually. This oftenly leads to a significant pain reduction. We regularly use manual methods from osteopathy & chiropractic and refrain from the usual use of medication in pain therapy. A variety of other non-surgical, innovative approaches like:

Fascial Manipulation
Frequency Specific Microcurrent
many others

Many other approaches are available if needed like metabolic regulation, immunological modification and others.

Research for the cause of your pain is the basis for my treatment. For example, the manipulation techniques are insufficient to solve some patients problems. In my opinion “mechanical techniques” (like chiropractic / osteopathic approaches) are adequate to solve dominant mechanical problems. Sometimes a metabolic regulation (acid-alkaline balance / short-term food change / …) must be considered to relieve their symptoms as well. In other patients, the cause of pain could be the immune system.

As you can see, similar problems can unfortunately have very different causes! That’s why I have to search for the causes of your musculoskeletal pain before we could initiate an individual treatment.

I’m looking forward to seeing you,
Dr. Christian Stein (MD)

Christian Stein

Christian Stein, MD

  • Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Physical Therapist
  • Graduated in medical school Hannover (MHH) – doctoral degree
    (clinical randomised study about the efficiency of a manual therapy on painful shoulder disorders)
  • Osteopathic training – 5 years (SKOM)
  • Special training:
    • FDM Fascia Distortion Model (Dr. G. Harrer & S. Typaldos DO)
    • Short lever techniques (according to L. Hartman)
    • Dietary aspects on myofascial pain
    • Hormonal aspects on myofascial pain
    • Immunological aspects on myofascial pain

Dr. Stein is a founding member of the EFDMA (European FDM Association) and an FDM-Instructor of the EFDMA since 2008. He founded the Typaldos Akademie in 2008 to teach the FDM.

In 2007 Dr. Stein established a private practice in Hannover (Germany). Treating professional sportsmen (soccer, ice hockey, olympic athletes, …) as well as common painful disorders of the locomotor system is his profession. He focusses on myofascial treatment.

Dr. Stein spoke about fascial topics on national and international congresses like the Fascial Research Congress (FCR, Amsterdam)Fascia in Sports Medicine (Ulm)German Olympic Sports Confederation (‚Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund‘, DOSB) and others. He wrote articles and scientific papers about myofascial treatment and approaches and is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society.


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